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So how exactly does the Gemerator get the job done?


Open up chests as ordinary and assert their prizes. Observe which the colour of each and every gem you find can even be locked into 

the slots with the Gemerator.


When 5 Gemerator slots are crammed, the Gemerator blends with each other most of the colored gems to provide a bonus 

prize with the final sixth slot. The rarity of this prize are based mostly around the typical color of all of the gems in 

the slots.


You might find to say this prize straight away, or preserve opening chests to generate a much better mix of colors 

along with a rarer prize!


Opening additional chests replaces the gems in the Gemerator slots one after the other. It's also possible to use your Hearts of Ice 

to lock sure colored gems inside the Gemerator.


To see all this in motion, observe the clip underneath!

You should note that, compared with while you open up a upper body and find out your prize, the prize you earn within the Gemerator slot 

will go straight into your backpack in case you declare it. So you’ll be required to test there to view what it was!

The Gemerator can also be able to make a few distinctive prizes, only attainable from its prize slot and not from 

opening chests. These are a exceptional gem-encrusted cape, crown and necklace:


This marvellous device mashes up the colors in the very last 5 gems that you have received and offers you a reward 

prize of their put together rarity.


Go 1 stage further and appearance for the different cape, crown and necklace cosmetics, solely produced by the 



Gemerator Crown and Necklace Gemerator Cape

Have a very blast along with the Gemerator this week!


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